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Last revised: July 28, 2019

Thank you for your interest in billpay!

Please read these Terms of service carefully as they contain important information regarding your legal rights, remedies, and obligations. These include various limitations and exclusions, a clause that governs the jurisdiction and venue of disputes, except where prohibited, an agreement to arbitrate on an individual basis (unless you opt out), and obligations to comply with applicable laws and regulations.


Futdeal LLC., for and on behalf of its subsidiaries (collectively, “billpay”, “we”, or “us”), provides an online car sharing platform that connects vehicle owners with travelers and locals seeking to book those vehicles. billpay is accessible online  at billpay.com. billpay's websites and associated services are collectively referred to as “the Services”. By accessing or using the Services, including by communicating with us or other billpay users, you agree to comply with, and be legally bound by, the provisions of these Terms of Service (“Terms”), whether or not you become a registered user of the Services. These Terms govern your access to and use of the Services and constitute a binding legal agreement between you and billpay.

These Terms, together with billpay's Privacy Policy, applicable insurance terms and certificates, roadside assistance terms, and the user Policies accessible via the Services (the “Policies”) constitute the “Agreement” between you and billpay (each a “Party” and together, “the Parties”).


Our Services are intended solely for persons who are 21 or older. Any use of the Services by anyone under 21 is expressly prohibited.


To access certain features of the Services, you must sign up for an account with us (a “billpayAccount”) by either providing us your email address and creating a password or connecting through an account with a third-party site or service (including Facebook and Google).


When you list or book a vehicle, you provide us with certain information about yourself to enable us to verify your identity in order to become an “Approved Driver”. You promise to provide complete and accurate information to billpay about yourself and your vehicle(s), if applicable. 

Where permitted, billpay has the right, but not the obligation, to undertake screenings, checks, and processes designed to help verify or check the identities and/or backgrounds of users and vehicles, including driving history and driver’s license validity. 

billpay does not endorse any vehicle, user, or a user’s background, or commit to undertake any specific screening process. billpay may in its sole discretion use third party services to verify the information you provide to us and to obtain additional related information and corrections where applicable, and you hereby authorize billpay to request, receive, use, and store such information. 

billpay may accept or reject your application to become an Approved Driver in its sole and absolute discretion. billpay may, but does not commit to, undertake efforts to ensure the safety of vehicles shared through the Services. We do not make any representations about, confirm, or endorse the safety or roadworthiness of any vehicles beyond our policies that require vehicle owners to ensure their vehicles are in safe and operable condition, legally registered to be driven on public roads, have a clean (non-salvaged/non-branded/non-washed/non-written off) title, not subject to any applicable safety recalls, and otherwise satisfy our eligibility requirements.


You agree that you will always use your billpay Account and the Services in compliance with these Terms, applicable law, and any other policies and standards provided to you by billpay. As a vehicle owner or host (“host”), you commit that you will provide a safe and legally registered and insured vehicle, with a clean (non-salvage/branded/written off) title, in good mechanical condition, on time to the traveler or guest who is an Approved Driver ( “guest”) and will not list your vehicle on any other car sharing marketplace. As a guest, you commit that you’ll be a legally licensed driver and provide proof to the host of a current, valid driver’s license, who will treat the vehicle and any applicable Extras well and will take all reasonable measures to return the vehicle and any applicable Extras on time and in essentially the same condition as received. In connection with your use of or access to the Services you may not, and you agree that you will not, nor advocate, encourage, request, or assist any third party to:

Violate any law, including:

  • breach, violate, and/or circumvent any local, state, provincial/territorial, regional, or national law or other law or regulation, or any order of a court, including, without limitation, airport regulations and tax regulations, licensing or registration requirements, or third party rights;
  • post false, inaccurate, misleading, defamatory, or libelous content;
  • infringe, reproduce, perform, display, distribute, reverse engineer, or prepare derivative works from content that belongs to or is licensed to billpay, or that comes from the Services and belongs to another billpay user or to a third party, including works covered by any copyrights, trademark, patent, or other intellectual property, privacy, publicity, moral, or contractual rights, except with prior express written permission of billpay;

Dilute, tarnish, or otherwise harm the billpaybrand in any way, including:

  • through unauthorized use of billpay and/or user content;
  • registering and/or using billpay or derivative terms in domain names, trade names, trademarks, or otherwise;
  • registering and/or using domain names, trade names, trademarks, social media account names, or other means of identification that closely imitate or are confusingly similar to billpay domains, trademarks, taglines, promotional campaigns, or billpay and/or user content.

Provide or submit any false information, including:

  • false name, date of birth, driver’s license, payment method, credit card, insurance, or other personal information;
  • a claim, or respond to a claim (for example about damage to a vehicle), with false or misleading information;
  • offer, as an owner, any vehicle or optional Extra that you do not yourself own or have authority to share;
  • offer, as an owner, any vehicle that may not be shared for compensation pursuant to the terms and conditions of an agreement with a third party, including, but not limited to, a lease or financing agreement;
  • offer, as an owner, any vehicle that has a salvaged, branded, written off, washed, or unclean title or that is not safe, legally registered, or not insured to be driven on public roads;
  • offer, as an owner, any Extra that is not safe, clean, and acceptable for the use it is intended;
  • book or drive any vehicle without a valid driver’s license;
  • any listing with false or misleading information, or any listing with a price that you do not intend to honor;
  • register for a billpay Account on behalf of an individual other than yourself;
  • impersonate any person or entity, or falsify or otherwise misrepresent yourself or your affiliation with any person or entity;

Use the Services for your own unrelated purposes, including to:

  • contact a host for any purpose other than in relation to a booking or said host’s vehicle(s) or listing(s);
  • contact a guest for any purpose other than in relation to a booking or such guest’s use of the Services;
  • commercialize any content found on billpay or software associated with our Services, including reviews;
  • harvest or otherwise collect information about users without their and our consent;
  • recruit or otherwise solicit any user to join third party services or websites that are competitive to billpay, without billpay's prior written approval;

billpayhas the right, but not the obligation, to investigate, pursue, and seek to prosecute, litigate, or refer to law enforcement, violations of the Agreement to the fullest extent permissible by the law. billpay may access, preserve, and disclose any of your information if we are permitted or required to do so by law; if we believe in good faith that it is reasonably necessary to respond to claims asserted against billpay or to comply with permissible legal process (for example, subpoenas or warrants); to enforce or administer these Terms; to do so for fraud prevention, risk assessment, investigation, customer support, product development, and debugging purposes; and/or to protect the rights, property, or safety of billpay, its employees, its users, or members of the public.

billpay reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, in accordance with applicable law, to remove or disable access to any content that billpay, at its sole discretion, considers to be objectionable for any reason, in violation of this Agreement, or otherwise harmful to the Services or our community. If we believe you are abusing billpay, our users, or employees in any way or violating the letter or spirit of any of this Agreement, we may, in our sole discretion and without limiting other remedies, limit, suspend, or terminate your billpay Account(s) and access to our Services, remove hosted content, deny a claim for coverage, remove and demote your listings, reduce or eliminate any discounts, and take technical and/or legal steps to prevent you from using our Services. Additionally, we reserve the right to refuse or terminate our Services to anyone for any reason at our discretion to the full extent permitted under applicable law.


When an issue arises, we may consider the user’s performance history and the specific circumstances in applying our Policies. We may choose to be more lenient with policy enforcement in an effort to do the right thing, subject to our sole and absolute discretion.


Any personal data that you supply to the billpay or authorize the billpay to obtain from a third party, for example, a credit card company, will be used by billpay to administer the datas.

 In order to process, record and use your personal data billpay may disclose it to

  • any credit card company whose name you give;
  • any person to whom billpay proposes to transfer any of billpay's rights and/or responsibilities under any agreement billpay may have with you;
  • any person to whom billpay proposes to transfer its business or any part of it;
  • comply with any legal or regulatory requirement of billpay in any country; and prevent, detect or prosecute fraud and other crime. 
  • In order to process, use, record and disclose your personal data billpay may need to transfer such information outside the United States, in which event billpay is responsible for ensuring that your personal data continues to be adequately protected during the course of such transfer.


You can use any of the payment types listed below to pay for your order. We take your security very seriously, therefore your details are safe with us.

  • Paypal (including card payment)
  • Stripe (card payment)

billpay LLC.

906 W 2nd AVE STE 100, Spokane, WA, 99201, USA

+1 (425) 389-9950


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